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Since 1997, Community Music Center of Boston’s Early Childhood program has invited Boston families to join in the celebration of music and movement. Children explore and discover music through various classes teaching rhythm, song, movement and art. Classes are designed for ages 5 months through 7 years and support the development of cognitive and social skills.  


Spring 2014 Classes

Classes and MUSIC Instruction for children

Little Notes

(5 months through 2 years)
Using our rich folk tradition of songs, dances, tickles and bounces, these classes actively explore sounds, movement and the world around us with playfulness and joy. Sharing a special musical connection between children and their caregivers, we play, sing and dance using musical instruments and everyday materials. image description

music & movement

(3  - 5 years)
Fun and interactive music and movement classes for child and caregiver. These classes build on the music fundamentals introduced in our little notes classes and aim to make your child feel comfortable using their voice, body and instruments to produce and experience music. image description

MOGA, musical yoga

(5 months-3 years)
babyYOGA and toddlerYOGA classes combine physical exercise with soothing relaxation techniques for both caregiver and baby/toddler.  Classes incorporate sitting, standing, and floor poses that the caregiver performs with baby and toddler as well as poses caregiver can do for the child to help develop sensory skills and digestion. image description

beginning instruments

(4.5 through 6 years)
A small group class focused on preparing students for private instruction. Each class is limited to 4-5 students and is designed to train the child’s ear to recognize melodic sounds and rhythm. Students then translate this recognition to their chosen instrument. The students will begin to visually identify notes and play simple melodies. Current offerings: Beginning Piano, Strings, Guitar and Drums. image description

For more information about our Early Childhood Programs please contact:

Early Childhood Coordinator Holly Marshall (marshall@cmcb.org) 617-482-7494 x19
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