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Beginning Folk Harp

Have you ever dreamt of playing the harp? A folk harp (also called a Celtic, lever, or Irish harp) is a beautiful, soothing instrument that anyone can learn. Playing the harp keeps both the hands and the brain actively challenged and exercised. Students will sample 3 different types of harps, learning about strings, tunings, hand and body position, lever changes, playing technique, and music reading. Classes will include warm-up exercises and learning to play traditional songs and tunes both by ear and with notated music. Students will learn to play melodies with 1 finger, and then progress to using two, three and four fingers on both left and right hands. Students will play in harmony, and compose our own music. Harps available to rent.

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Class(es): Wednesday 3:45PM – In-Person – Check registration for more information.
Ages: 7-12
Instructor: Lucy Joan Sollogub