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Beginning Guitar

Students learn the basics of classical guitar (string names, finger positions, hand coordination), musical alphabet, theory and fundamentals using the guitar as a starter instrument. Students will increase fine motor skills and learn transferable musical skills in this accessible first entry class.

This is a small group class focused on preparing students for private instruction, Elementary group classes, and/or ensembles. For questions about your child’s unique musical pathway at CMCB, please email us at registration@cmcb.org. Each class is limited to 5 students and is designed to train the child’s ear to recognize melodic sounds and rhythm. Students then translate this recognition to their chosen instrument. The students will begin to visually identify notes and play simple melodies.

Class(es): Tuesday 4:30PM – In-Person; Wednesday 3:45PM – In-Person; Check registration for more information.
Ages: 4-7
Instructor: Javier Rosario