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Equity and Inclusion at CMCB

The Community Music Center of Boston (CMCB) was established in 1910 in the settlement house tradition, founded to promote unity and equity in access to music education across greater Boston.

Today, more than a century later, that original mission continues to flourish through the availability of music learning and enrichment to all citizens of greater Boston.

Through ongoing and intentional effort we seek to build an inclusive and diverse community that includes students, families and caregivers, faculty, staff, audiences, donors, and board and corporation members.

CMCB welcomes, includes, and values all voices. These voices will continue to include those from different races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender, abilities, faiths, nationality, age, and socioeconomic status.

We commit to:

  • Program offerings reflective of the interests of our various communities
  • Curricula that support the neurodiversity of our community
  • Resources invested equitably among different partnerships, reflecting the diversity of our communities
  • Expanded access to music learning and enrichment within and across greater Boston neighborhoods
  • Assembling/creating/recruiting from a diverse slate of candidates for staff, faculty, corporation, and board member positions.
  • Ongoing community conversations to inform our priorities
  • Provide for the related evolving educational needs of our communities
  • Create physical spaces that welcome, include and ensure safety for all
  • Implement feedback mechanisms which drive continuous improvement
  • Employment and teaching practices that minimize the impact of implicit bias
On February 5, 2020, CMCB had its first Community Conversation event. Executive Director Lecolion Washington presented on equity in the arts. The Community Conversations series was developed as a series of workshops with CMCB staff seeking to engage others in dialogue about important issues in arts education. Visit our Videos page for more of our videos.