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Music Therapy

For more than 40 years, we have been making music alongside children, adults and older adults at our South End home and at partner programs in the community.  Through a client-centered approach, we focus on empowering participants to explore their musicianship and personal goals.

Music Therapy Sessions

Individual sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each participant. Our participants develop their life skills by exploring music though percussion, songwriting, piano, movement, guitar, creative improvisation, music technology and their own voice. We regard family and caregivers as team members and value their involvement in helping us build a confident and encouraging therapy experience. 

Group sessions allow participants to belong to a community that highlights their abilities and encourages their contributions.  Members build positive peer relationships and develop social skills.  Common activities include songwriting, percussion circles, song discussion and group improvisation.   

Our credentialed music therapists work alongside participants and empower them to address their goals.  Common focuses include:

  • Academic and cognitive skills
  • Coping skills
  • Communication and self-expression
  • Emotional awareness and expression
  • Promoting independence
  • Motor development
  • Social skills

Since Laura has autism and does not speak, this love of music allows her to interact with others in a positive, joyful way. – CMCB Music Therapy Participant Parent

Let’s Have a Conversation!

Our Music Therapists are available to discuss our program and your family’s specific needs.  We’ll schedule a free assessment to make sure that music therapy is right for you.  The Community Music Center of Boston understands the cost challenges of music therapy, so please ask about our reduced tuition opportunities.

Interested in learning more about the Music Therapy program? Contact Rachel Chao, Community Engagement and Clinical Manager.