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Beginning Piano

Beginning Piano students learn the basics of the piano keys, music alphabet, rhythm and melody. Those continuing from 2020-21 school year piano study will be met at their level and given age- and skill-appropriate repertoire and lessons. All students will increase fine motor skills and learn transferable musical skills in this accessible first entry class. Small group class focused on preparing students for private instruction, Elementary group classes, and/or ensembles.

Materials: Should have a keyboard (can be small) or a piano at home, otherwise option to teach on print-out paper keyboards.

Ages: 4-7
Instructors: Anne Edgerton, Hsuan Lee


3:45PM Beginning Piano II – In-Person
4:30PM Beginning Piano I – In-Person
5:15PM Beginning Piano I – In-Person


9:15AM Beginning Piano I – In-Person
10:00AM Beginning Piano II – In-Person
10:45AM Beginning Piano I – In-Person
11:45AM Beginning Piano I – In-Person