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Music Theory

Music Theory classes at CMCB give our students practical skills and a deeper understanding of the structure of music that they can apply on a daily basis.  Our classes help improve students’ sight-reading skills, enhance their performances and help them to create their own music!

Summer Session

Adult Theory

Online – Tuesday – 5:30 PM – Starts: Tue, June 29  
Price: $100
For students aged 18+
Instructor: Aidan Ramsay

Music Composition Lab

Have you ever wanted to write your own music, but didn’t know where to start? Have you ever tried writing a song, only to get stuck part of the way through and not know how to move forward? Learn how to write music in this 5 week lab with Boston-area composer Aidan Ramsay! In this course, each student will learn the basics of music composition and how to use form to build tension and drama, culminating in them writing original music of their own for solo piano.

Online – Tuesday – 4:30 PM – Starts: Tue, June 29  
Price: $100
Ages: 14+
Instructor: Aidan Ramsay

Music Theory Summer Lab

Learn the practical basics of music theory with CMCB Theory teacher Aidan Ramsay! Learn about ear training and time feel, and even learn how to conduct! In this class, you will learn how to use music theory to help you become the best musician you can be! Classes are offered for both teens and adults.

Online – Tuesday – 3:30 PM – Starts: Tue, June 29  
Price: $100
Ages: 10+.
Instructor: Aidan Ramsay

Compositions by our SummerMUSIC students