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Country/Jazz Guitar

Country/Jazz Guitar will focus on improvising, composing, interpreting and notating the students’ own guitar compositions. Country/Jazz Guitar offers a unique way to get to know the instrument and expand on musical ideas with the knowledge our young guitarists already have. The Country/Jazz guitar players will be able to gain more confidence on how to play the guitar, how the instrument works, and how to make up chords and melodies. This new class at Community Music Center is an open door to freedom of expression on the guitar. Our Country/Jazz guitarists will continue to learn how to read and interpret music, and this will be their foundation to improvise, compose and notate their own music. This is the creative “Lego blocks” version of guitar playing: make up your own music, and build on your ideas

Prerequisite: Beginning Guitar class for ages 4-7, OR assessment by Guitar and Early Childhood faculty. Email franklin@cmcb.org with eligibility questions.

Class(es): Wednesday 4:30PM – In-Person
Ages: 7-12
Instructor: Javier Rosario