Teacher Appreciation Week at CMCB

May 15th, 2020 in Event/News with Comments Off on Teacher Appreciation Week at CMCB

Staff and students came together to reach out and share their thanks for the hard work CMCB’s faculty does to teach and transform students’ lives. This video is a short compilation of only some of the thank you videos we received.

Thank you to the whole CMCB staff for continuing to work hard and teach people music even in these tough times. — Robin, student

I would like to thank all CMCB faculty members, teaching artists, and music therapists. I am thanking them because they helped me a lot. — Jessica, student

Hannah and Matt are wonderful teachers and I am learning a lot of music-related content from them. But at this particular time they are also making a special effort to create a sense of community and of “normalcy” that has a huge impact on my own sense of well-being. For all this, I am truly grateful to them! — Loredana, student

Steve, thank you for your dedication, motivation and enthusiasm during this unusual time. I bet you have never taught Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata remotely. — Joann, student and CMCB Corporation Member

They are some of the coolest and hard-working people that I know! — Tiniqua, Registrar

CMCB Faculty, Teaching Artists and Music Therapists – I’m SO HAPPY that I get to work on a team with all of you. The impact that you’ve had on your students is tremendous in this unprecedented time. — Morgan, CPO

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