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Olayemi Ogundola

Olayemi Ogundola is a saxophonist, composer and educator. Born in Oyo state, Olayemi was raised in Oyo town, an inland state in south-western Nigeria. Born into a musically prone family, he was exposed to various styles of music from a very early age beginning with the church choir and introduced to classical singing by his father who is an organist in Methodist Church. The traditional music across West Africa and jazz has been a major influence and process to finding his own voice after being exposed to learning African musical instruments such as Dundun, Agbe, Bata, Sakara, Gudugudu, Omele and Bembe. Olayemi has often been described as a narrator and conceptualist, having a deep understanding of rhythm and harmony. For over 12 years he has taught students of all ages and levels of advancement in institutions. His students are the recipients of numerous awards and regularly receive the highest ratings in competitions and festivals. Many describe him as genuine and passionate, possessing a youthful, energetic teaching style that works well with most students. His creativity and patience allow him to help students grasp tough concepts and improve at a faster rate than they would on their own.

Olayemi’s goal is to help students find their voice irrespective of the style of music they want to focus on. He loves to tell his students to always see their instruments as their voice and not a type of machine. This posture helps his students to make the best use of materials and information acquired in each lessons with the goal of owning their own sound. His curriculum is designed to help each students achieve their goal, walking them through the art of studying materials such as books and repertoire of different genres will be judiciously examined to meet their goal, from note reading, performance, creative interpretations, composition, to the development of a healthy and virtuosic technique. His curriculum is designed to find ways that allow students to develop their uniqueness and strength by understanding their unique learning abilities and by creating the most ideal learning atmosphere.

It is important to take the craft and art of music seriously, as well as the development of our talents and skills. It is also vital to have fun with learning, teaching, and performing, and he always tries to provide an upbeat atmosphere for his students.

B.A Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria
Dip. Muson School of Music, Lagos Nigeria
M.M. Longy School of Music