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How to Choose an Instrument to Learn

Learning an instrument requires hard work, but it’s also fun. It’s a great way to meet other musicians, learn a new skill, and express yourself. Anyone can do this, regardless of their age or financial capabilities. In fact, learning an instrument as an adult may actually be an advantage, since adults already know their music preferences. Before you can begin the learning process, you’ll need to choose an instrument. How do you go about this?

Questions to Ask When Choosing an Instrument  

What kind of music do you prefer? To find the right instrument for you, it may be helpful to start with your favorite kind of music. If you enjoy the music you’re playing, you’ll be motivated to stick with your instrument.

How Do You Prefer to Play Music? Would you rather be the only one playing your instrument, or would you like playing in a group in which others are playing the same instrument? Make lists of solo versus section instruments in your favorite genre to help you decide which are most appealing to you.

What’s Your Budget? Instrument prices vary widely, which may influence your decision somewhat if you plan to purchase one. Alternatively, you can rent an instrument from your school or another organization such as CMCB.

What Is the Easiest Instrument to Learn?

Although instrument difficulty level shouldn’t necessarily decide which instrument you choose, it can be a factor depending on how quickly you want to be able to play well. Some of the easier instruments to learn to play are the ukulele, piano, drums, and guitar.

What Is the Hardest Instrument to Learn?

Which instrument is the most difficult to learn is a matter of perspective, but the French horn, violin, bassoon, organ, and oboe are some of the instruments consistently found in lists on this subject. That being said, these more challenging instruments can bring quite a bit of joy to your lifelong music learning experience.

How Long Does It Take to Learn an Instrument?

How long it takes to learn an instrument varies considerably. However, major factors that affect this include the type of instrument, the quality of the music instruction you receive and the amount of time you spend practicing it..

How to Choose an Instrument for a Marching Band

If you’re a student, you may be interested in joining your school’s marching band. Instruments in a marching band include snare, tenor, and bass drums as well as trumpets, tubas, cymbals, cornets, trombones, flutes, piccolos, clarinets, saxophones, and glockenspiel and wood blocks. Choose one that appeals to you—but also keep in mind how heavy or bulky it will be as you march with it across a football field in a head-to-toe uniform.

How to Choose an Instrument for a Rock Band

Some of the most popular rock band instruments are drums, electric guitar, and the keyboard. Consider trying out each one and choosing the one you can see yourself playing in a crowded arena of cheering fans! 

Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Besides being fun (and even glamorous), learning how to play an instrument also has many other benefits. It can help expand your social circle, boost your circulation, and alleviate stress. Also, according to a study, playing an instrument can improve the structure and function of your brain. For children, learning to play an instrument can promote the development of language, math, and social skills.It’s never too early or too late to learn an instrument. If you live in the Boston metro area, consider enrolling in a music class at the Community Music Center of Boston. You can also support the nonprofit organization so that all local residents can enjoy the benefits of music education.

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