John Kleshinski Concert Series

Named in memory of John Kleshinski, former Music Center Board President and student, our concerts provide a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy a diverse sampling of musical instruments and genres. Our informal and family-friendly concerts are free (unless otherwise noted) and run approximately ninety minutes in length.

Please join us in Allen Hall for musical performances of exceptional quality, featuring our Award-Winning faculty, guest artists and advanced students.

Special Events

Free events unique to CMCB – for all ages and all members of your family!

Student Recitals

All CMCB students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in Student Recitals. We welcome all family and friends to attend. Located at CMCB in Allen Hall.

John Kleshinski Concert Series

We invite all to enjoy a diverse samplings of music and instruments. This season, we celebrate American Music!

image description PERFORMANCE CALENDAR 2018-2019
Sep 13

Trio Festivale: The Great Hunger Tour

Oct 14

John Kleshinski Luncheon: Featuring “Say Darling”

Oct 20

STUDENT RECITAL: Saturday, October 20th 2:00PM

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Nov 03

STUDENT RECITAL: Saturday, November 3rd, 2:00PM

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Nov 10

Performathon 2018

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Nov 30

Celebrating Lucy Joan Sollogub

Dec 08

STUDENT RECITAL: Saturday, December 8th 2:00PM

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Dec 15
Winter Ensembles Concert: Saturday, December 15, 7:00 pm
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Jan 19

STUDENT RECITAL: Saturday, January 19th 2:00PM

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Jan 24

The Meadowlark Piano Trio

Feb 01

Young Composers Festival

Feb 09

STUDENT RECITAL: Saturday, February 9th 2:00PM

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Feb 14

Corina Marti Harpsichord

Mar 02

STUDENT RECITAL: Saturday, March 2nd 2:00PM

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Mar 14

ADULT STUDENT RECITAL: Thursday, March 14th 6:30PM

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Mar 30

STUDENT RECITAL: Saturday, March 30th 2:00PM

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Apr 11

Castle of our Skins: Legacy

May 04

STUDENT RECITAL: Saturday, May 4th 2:00PM

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May 16

FACULTY CONCERT: Thursday, May 16th 7:00PM

Jun 15
Summer Ensembles Concert: Saturday, June 15, 7:00 pm
May 18

STUDENT RECITAL: Saturday, May 18th 2:00PM

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