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How Can I Connect With My Community Through Music?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are searching for new ways to connect with their community. One of the best ways is through the arts, specifically music. Research by ArtsBoston showed that “arts, culture, and creativity help us understand each other and develop stronger bonds with our neighbors, building bridges across race and gender divides.” In 2019, there were over twenty-one million total attendees at art events happening an average of every nine minutes. Though many of the thriving musical events throughout Greater Boston were canceled or became virtual during the pandemic, the musical community is bouncing back better than ever. Whether you’re a music expert or have never attended a concert, there are many ways to connect with your community through music:

  • Attend a local concert. Attending a concert in your own city or community means you already have two things in common with the audience: geographic roots and love of the same artists and styles of music. You could run into friends or acquaintances you might not have the opportunity to see otherwise. Even attending a concert farther away from where you live can help you bond with fellow concertgoers, and it can even offer some health benefits.
    • Additionally, studies show that attending concerts can actually have health benefits. In fact, the Mass Cultural Council found that participation in the arts at all can “encourage physical activity, reduce stress and isolation, and help with the substance recovery process,” and CMCB is proud to offer financial aid to support referrals from local clinics to offer arts instruction.
  • Follow and support local bands on social media. During the pandemic, many bands had concerts and interviews on YouTube and social media because large concerts weren’t safe to attend. This led to more virtual audience and fan engagement and more direct messaging between the artists and audiences, which is likely to continue beyond the pandemic. Whether you’re a music artist, fan, or both, you can feel closer to fellow music lovers by posting your own videos on social media or following others’ accounts. If you don’t have time to attend an in-person or virtual concert, you can always check out the CMCB Youtube channel to enjoy recordings of past events.
  • Take music classes at a local music center or school. If you’d like to feel the rush and social bond of performing music, but don’t already know how to sing or play an instrument, consider taking a music class at your school or a community center. Trying something new may seem intimidating, but music educators want nothing more than to spread their love of performing music. There are options to take lessons with others or alone, depending if you work better in a group setting or would prefer a more private experience. Soon enough, you, too, will feel the thrill of performing live to an audience.

Get More Socially Connected with the Community Music Center of Boston

Performing music provides far more than just learning a skill or appreciating the fine arts. If you’re a Boston resident interested in connecting to your community through music, visit the Community Music Center of Boston (CMCB) and consider enrolling in a music class today. You can also support the nonprofit organization so that all local residents can enjoy these benefits.

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