February 1, 2023 05:30pm-February 4, 2023 07:30pm

Performathon & Young Composers Festival

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February 1 - 05:30 pm


February 4 - 07:30 pm

We are excited for Performathon and this year’s Young Composer’s Festival!

For those new to these events:

Performathon is an annual community based event where we welcome students of all ages to come together to share music with our community. Each year we encourage and hear students share this magic with us from their first scales and pieces to more advanced repertoire that span many styles/genres, as well as self-composed works. 

Young Composer’s Festival is a series of themed workshops, panel discussions, and concerts by and for students, aimed to inspire them to create music of their own, in partnership with the New Gallery Concert Series. 

Stay Tuned for More Details!



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