CMCB’s Virtual Orchestra Debut

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Monday, June 8, 2020
Dear CMCB Community,

What a challenging few weeks we’ve had. We are navigating the uncertainties of a global pandemic that is impacting each and every one of us differently. Additionally, many people are also finally being moved and inspired by those who are speaking out about the truths of systemic racial inequity. Personally, I was also struggling with my own feelings of fear, anger, and discomfort. It was a lot to digest!

And then, this video popped up in my inbox on Friday afternoon. As has happened so many times in my life, music changed things.

The three-minute video of our students performing African-American composer Margaret Bond’s arrangement of He’s Got the Whole World in His Hand snapped me out of a trance just a little bit. Because of our long-time music therapy programs, CMCB recognizes the important role that music and the arts can play in processing and then navigating what is happening around us. Music surely had that type of impact on me!

For the record, we had this piece scheduled for quite a while, and it was not originally meant as a response to the challenges of the moment. In all truth, we have been looking to include more works by women and people of color in our repertoire, and Chamber Orchestra Director Thomas Kociela took it upon himself to work with CMCB’s chamber orchestra students and their student committee to find an effective way for us to do this.

The attached video was sent to me over a week ago, but with everything going on, I didn’t really have time to look at it besides just watching it for approval. When it popped up in my inbox on Friday afternoon as we were opening up registration for ensembles, I was overwhelmed. Led by Maestro Kociela, this performance became more relevant than just the musical excellence in and of itself (and it is excellent!).

Our chamber orchestra students are doing more than just making beautiful music. As the orchestra students slowly appear on the screen, they are giving us a glimpse of what the world looks like if we all learn to work together toward a shared goal. The young musicians in the video are also reminding us that CMCB will forever be a place where the beauty of our collective humanity can shine. Special thanks to soprano soloist and Chief Programming Officer Morgan Beckford, who always advocates for amplifying student voices in our decision making.

Please watch this video. Share it with your friends. Most importantly, remember that CMCB will continue having high-quality programs that are equitably inclusive in their impact.

Lecolion Washington
Executive Director

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