Welcome to the 110th year of programming!

August 9th, 2019 in Blog with NO COMMENTS

We are extremely excited to have another opportunity to celebrate our legacy of transforming lives through music during this anniversary year. In addition to celebrating our legacy, we are also using this year to move closer towards our future. We are honored to have such strong relationships in the South End, and we feel those relationships getting stronger each day. In addition to those relationships, we are reaching out to our friends in other Boston communities to learn more about how CMCB might best support youth arts programming, particularly in Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan, as we continue to best live our mission in Boston.

We are excited about the launch of our new brand led by Tank Design and by our Chief Advancement Officer Sarah Spinella. The vision for our new brand is to bring more clarity to what CMCB has always been. We will continue being an organization that provides music instruction. Alongside that work, we also will continue to serve as an organization that uses music to transform lives and to bridge communities. Our new branding supports this vision by ensuring our messaging continues to recognize the written music tradition from which we were founded, while also recognizing styles of music that are based on an oral tradition. Our new logo and branding speaks to this vision. Take a look!

CMCB logo

In our new logo, all of our programs, from African drumming, to lute instruction, to rock band, will be able to see themselves represented equitably alongside all of our musical offerings. For those of you who read music, the musical element in the logo is still there in the form of a “tie”. We like the idea of a “tie” because that image can either be a tie or a bridge. This symbol is a perfect example of what so many of you have taught me about CMCB. CMCB ties people together through music. CMCB strengthens those bonds through music. CMCB bridges communities through music. And as our mission states, we transform lives through music.

As we continue to gaze up and out into the future, we look forward to celebrating with you our 110th year. In addition to our new logo, there will be a new website that will launch at the end of September. Also, save the date for our annual John Kleshinski Luncheon and Fundraiser on October 20 at City Winery, where we will celebrate all of our programs while also raising the necessary funds to kick off our year with a bang! We are excited that you will be with us this year as we celebrate our 110th year of transforming lives through music.

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