SummerARTS Celebrates 25 Years!

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SummerARTS celebrates their 25th anniversary!  Pictured: Dulcimer Players from SummerARTS 1996.

On June 29, SummerARTS kicks off its 25th Anniversary! In 1991, School Outreach Director, Lucy Joan Sollogub, was inspired to create a summer program that combined multiple arts disciplines into one comprehensive summer program. Lucy’s innovative and whimsical spirit added a fun element of creativity, inviting students to participate in spirit days such as the popular “Unbirthday Party” where everyone’s birthday is celebrated on the same day.  This energy and spirit has powered SummerARTS into its 25th season and the traditions that began the program continue to bring students, staff and faculty back year after year.

What’s even more impressive is seeing our student’s commitment to the program.  Many students start off in the program at age 4 and continue on to be Counselors-in-Training when they reach age 11. A few have even come back to SummerARTS after college to be staff members in the program.  One of our SummerARTS “kids” became an instructor in the program.

“SummerARTS has been a magnificent part of my life and work.  It has touched my own family (both of my children attended for over 18 years).  Each summer is magical, full of many yearly cherished events, and always something new.  We ‘make new friends and keep the old’ every season.” – Lucy Joan Sollogub

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary, SummerARTS will be having a 25th Reunion Party on July 8th.  The reunion will include elective style classes in dance, art, music and drama, trivia contests, memory books, dinner, SummerARTS movies and more. All who have participated in the program at any point are invited to attend. The cost is $15.00 per person or $50.00 per family.  Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone.

SummerARTS 2015 kicks off on June 29th.  Students ages 4-14 are invited to participate in the program.  Registration opens on February 10th.  More information and online registration HERE.


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