Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of the Summer Arts & Music program?

After attending Summer Arts & Music, students will have new or renewed joy and appreciation for music and the arts. Students will have the opportunity to thrive in a community of their peers with clearly defined roles and responsibilities as well as freedom to create their own experiences. An observable pathway through the Counselor-in-Training program encourages students to continue on their artistic journey and eventually turn it into a unique job opportunity that they will have been preparing for all along. Additional technical skills in all disciplines are likely and possible, but artistic mastery is not a direct goal of our experiential, student-guided program.

What sets this program apart from other arts and music programs?

Through our recreational instruction, your child will gain exposure to the full scope of expressive art forms. Summer Arts & Music is all inclusive of the arts disciplines: visual art, dance, drama, and music. Within our music sphere, we offer a full range of genres and foci: general music education, vocal, orchestral instrumental, chamber music, classical music, pop/contemporary, jazz, “camp songs,” theory, technology… the list goes on and on! We have equal emphasis on process and practice as on performance, allowing comfort for those students who prefer a more introspective approach.

What does a typical day look like?

There are two options for our participants: the half day program and the full day program. Half day schedule is 9AM-12PM (1:30PM on Fridays if staying for performance), full day schedule is 9AM-5PM. See above schedule for hourly offerings by day! Classes are on a Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday schedule, with optional performance days on Fridays for grown-ups to watch student work from that week. Fridays in the afternoon are our themed day celebrations and can be added a la carte.

What does the Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program look like?

Our CIT program is ideal for teenagers ages 12-14 to gain direct on-the-job experience working closely with younger children in an arts program setting. The CIT program is as immersive within the arts program as it is valuable job training for future years at the program as a paid counselor (ages 15+). Whether they choose the Instrumental Focus or Performing & Visual Arts track, CITs will have an eclectic day full of their own classes while also some classes spent supporting the lead counselors with the younger groups. The CITs may assist with snacks, lunch, recess, and check-in/check-out as needed. Instrumental Focus CITs will play a leading role in the afternoon orchestra.

CITs join the full 9AM-5PM program for all 19-days, and play a huge part in the final performance and preparation. The CIT group meets weekly with their Group Leader (adult staff) who helps guide their questions and learning, using specific experiences from the week with the younger kids to problem solve and strategize for the following week. The CIT program is the only option for students ages 12-14.

Can my child stay until 5PM just for a few days?

Yes. Please choose the “Extended Day” a la carte option when registering and indicate the your chosen dates. Adding 12PM-5PM for one day costs $125 per child. You must register with minimum 48 hours notice for your child to participate so that our Summer Director can plan accordingly. Please also remember to send your child with a bagged lunch that day.

How often will I receive communication from the program?

Program Directors will send weekly communications via email wrapping up the week and previewing the following week as well as any pertinent emails announcing special days or offering reminders for themed days. If there is anything pressing, a phone call will be made to the primary contact guardian. 

How much artistic progress can I expect my child to make?

While Summer Arts & Music is primarily an experiential program based in process, exposure, and arts appreciation, students will undoubtedly gain experience in the art forms they take part in. Students on the Instrumental Focus track will have multiple opportunities to play with different chamber groups as well as our summer orchestra, and frequently have the option to work 1:1 with a counselor on any tricky music needing more time. Performing & Visual Arts track students will explore many disciplines within the fields of visual art, drama, dance. Depending on age, they will study certain instruments and musical concepts in their general music classes. There are very few at home expectations within this program, if any, but our eager artists will have a ton of knowledge and experience to learn from.

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