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Aidan Ramsay

A naturally inquisitive and curious person from birth, Aidan has always been fascinated with sound. As a composer, he finds himself often categorized as a writer of experimental music, due to his fascination with texture and color as primary musical forces, but he has also been trained as a jazz and classical composer, and retains great interest in an eclectic variety of music, from pop to the farthest reaches of the experimental, and maintains that all such genres are far more closely related than one might initially imagine. Mr. Ramsay is particularly interested in the intersections between music and diagetic sound design, and is always searching for the music hiding in everyday life. He is currently finishing a master’s degree at Boston¬†University, where he studies with Joshua Fineberg. He previously studied at the University of Oregon under Robert Kyr and David Crumb. Though young and early in his career, Aidan has managed to make a name for himself writing for artists such as JACK Quartet and Esteli Gomez, of Roomful of Teeth fame.

M.M., Boston University
B.M., University of Oregon