SummerARTS celebrates community, friendship, artistic development and self-expression with children ages 2-14. Our day program for ages 4-14 offers daily classes in singing music and playing instruments, as well as visual art, movement and dance, and creative dramatics culminating in a final performance. Children ages 2-3 years old with an adult partner may sample SummerARTS one morning per week.
  • ART
Instruction and recreation in the creative arts
JUNE 24 - JULY 19, 2019
SummerARTS is a four-week program with a full range of performing arts instruction for your child. We offer daily classes in music, dance, drama and visual arts as well as performance opportunities and a cultural field trip.
Our 3:1 student-to-staff ratio combined with a stellar roster of professional teaching artists ensures a wonderful summer of arts experiences and friendship.

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For more information about our SummerARTS Program please contact:

SummerARTS Director Samantha Gambaccini 617-482-7494 or summerarts@cmcb.org