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Junior Wind Ensemble

Director: Janet Underhill
Saturdays 10:30-11:30

Junior Wind Ensemble is geared for students who have some experience on their instrument who want to build ensemble skills.  All traditionally band instruments including percussion are welcome.  Percussionists can join with experience on snare drum, mallet instruments or both.  Level is Intermediate Beginners-Advanced Intermediate.


Audition Videos Due Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Videos submitted past this date will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

We want to make the audition process as stress-free and welcoming as possible.  If you have an audition video from districts or another orchestra audition, please feel free to use that video in lieu of the specific requirements listed.  We can reach out to you if we need more playing examples.  Our goal is to simply hear a good representation of your current playing level and find the placement that will work best for you. 


A couple of contrasting things you’ve been working on that demonstrate your command of slow and fast playing.  Melodic instruments need two Major scales, one flat scale and one sharp scale, 2 octaves if possible.  A simple sight reading excerpt will be given at the audition.