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Instrument Exploration

Is your child ready to play an instrument? Do they know which instrument they would like to play? Often times, young children begin instrumental lessons without knowing what to expect, or are not yet ready for the practice routine that an instrument requires. Our Instrument Exploration Class Guides students through the process of exploring instruments, learning music basics, and getting into a practice routine. In Instrument Exploration, students will safely explore instruments in various ways through watching, listening, learning, and music appreciation.

This class offers students a unique opportunity to get to know all instrument families and explore the huge world of instrumental and vocal music. Instrument Exploration is a dynamic and engaging music class where kids will dance, listen, read, play and create music with the purpose of finding the instrument that will suit them while growing their excitement and appreciation of music. Instrument Exploration graduates are encouraged to choose a focus instrument in the following semester.

Class(es): Thursday 4:30 PM – In-Person
Ages: 4-7
Instructor: Javier Rosario