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Elementary Music

Offerings include “Musical Theatre Performance,” “Pop/Rock Guitar Accompaniment,” “Beginning Folk Harp,” and Beginning Private Lessons

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Featured Classes -Spring 2020

Creative Movement & Dance

Movement for Young Musicians

Learn to groove like the pros! This class teaches the beginnings of dance and choreography in musical theatre, vocal ensembles, show choirs, a cappella groups, solo singing and more. With a focus on rhythm, groove, and movement corresponding to specific song styles, students will learn the basics of putting movement to their favorite songs, pick up a few of the classic “moves” that we often see on stage, and become comfortable with using their bodies creatively in a theatrical setting. No experience required!

Musical Theatre Performance

Singing, Acting, Dance

Students will explore new and classic musical theatre repertoire, history, the fundamentals of this style, acting before, during, and after a song, and basic theatrical movements that are often found in musicals. A performative showcase will follow each 16-week session.