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Young Composers Festival: A Day of Creating!

On Saturday, February 1, 2020, more than 200 people gathered at CMCB, some for the first time, to learn about composing music. This year’s Young Composers Festival had 14 presenters, 10 workshops, and a closing recital, called “Written & Performed By” where CMCB students showcased their compositions.

In one of the sessions, the participants wrote a song together, called Life Taco. You can listen here:

Life Taco

I gotta go
Through any weather I’m getting better and it shows
I gotta grow

I’d be remiss if I didn’t reminisce
‘Bout the times growing up with my mom and my sis
In the backyard with my boys real hard
I didn’t realize I was holding every card

Sometimes the world is hard if I look out too far
I just gotta fake my time and look deep inside

When I’m feeling low
I make myself a taco

Coming home from school thinking that my math was cool
Going to my homework but I think I need some work

Life is hard
Nothing that’s soft
Shell taco can’t fit
Give me the shrimp
And watch me tear up that mix

When I’m feeling low
I make myself a taco

Other lyrics written by participants:

By the end of this session
We’ll loosen the oppression

Under so much pressure
But tacos make life fresher

Got to eat life like some rice
Better yet, hand me a Sprite
On the side I need some tacos for my boy Rocco
Rappin with my eyes closed

Why can’t we be free
Floatin’ like leaves?
Poverty got me thinkin
“Why can’t we be fixin’?”

Not giving up
Even though it’s rough

Move your feet to this beat
Get you something good to eat

Capitalization, alienize human lives
Let us find our authentic selves

Yeah I’m tired of the pain
Being burned by the fire
I’m done with this drug
Cos I wanna get higher

Bounce bounce roll it up
Bounce bounce double it up

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