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July 29, 2021

Marilla MacDill Prize Awardees

CMCB is proud to announce the recipients of the 2020-2021 Marilla MacDill Prize for Teaching Excellence and Community Service: Akela Franklin and Javier Rosario!

Akela Franklin teaches in both our Community Music School and Community Engagement Programs as a voice and general music teacher. Joining us in the School Outreach program in March 2020, she continuously demonstrated above and beyond service during the pandemic. We quickly recognized her incredible work ethic and above and beyond service to her students and their families.

Senior Director Chris Perry says of Akela, “In a year of change, Akela met new challenges with positivity.  In her learner-centered music classroom, she spent time establishing and fostering strong relationships with students, creating a much needed place for connection.”

Javier Rosario teaches in our Community Music School and Community Engagement Programs as a guitar and instrument exploration teacher. He has worked at CMCB for 8 years and has exhibited many of our core values in his teaching and the administrative work that comes with being a faculty member. He joined the CEP team in spring 2021, and quickly created a classroom culture where students are able to grow as learners and as musicians.

Director of Early Childhood Samantha Gambaccini says of Javier, “His students adore him, and he masterfully builds in time in classes/lessons to involve the family members in the learning. I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Javier and his teaching. CMCB is lucky to have him.”

Thank you to both of these amazing faculty members for all that you do!

About the Marilla MacDill Prize for Teaching Excellence and Community Service: The Award is named after Marilla MacDill, who was a Community Music Center Board member at various times from the 1940s to 1960s. She was a talented pianist and a patron of American music and was an unwavering advocate of music education for underrepresented populations. One of her daughters, Jean MacDill Dougherty, is the principal contributor to the Fund which bears other’s name and which supports CMCB’s annual stipends. Jean’s son Richard was elected CMCB board president in September 1996 and served until September 2000. He is still a member of the Corporation today, and currently serving as Board Treasurer.

Prior to her marriage, Mrs. MacDill taught at CMCB, known then as the Boston Music Settlement School. At one point, she played in a 12 piano concert under the direction of Rudolf Ganz at the Boston Garden! While living in Washington, D.C., she headed the Music Department at the Holton-Arms School. After her husband died, she returned to Boston and pursued volunteer activities at CMCB, as well as with the Chromatic Club, New England Opera Theater, and the Students’ House.

Past recipients of the Marilla MacDill Prize

Akela Franklin, CMS voice and CEP general music, and Javier Rosario, CMS guitar
not presented
Karl Orvik, violin, ISE and school outreach and Geoffrey Shamu, trumpet
Anthony Douglas, School Outreach
not presented
Eva Kendrick, theory and voice and Vanessa Schukis, School Outreach
Neil Godwin, French horn and ensembles
Jenn Keller, Schools Outreach Assistant Director and dance teacher
Chuck Gabriel, bass and intermediate string ensemble conductor
Janet Underhill, bassoon and wind ensemble conductor
Sam Martinborough, chorus conductor
Mark Miller, orchestra conductor
no award
Suzanne Clark, schools outreach program
Anita Yu, piano
no award
Todd Millen, trombone and wind ensembles
Randy McGee, voice
no award
Caryl Beth Thomas, music therapy program
Patricia Espinosa, early childhood and schools outreach programs
Andreas Brade, percussion
Nancy Lob, music therapy and seniors program
Stephen Yenger, piano
Lucy Joan Sollogub, head of schools outreach program
Jennifer Elowsky, piano
Morton Hyams, schools outreach program
Gerri-Ann Kilduff, music therapy
Katherine Matasy, clarinet
Earl Lawrence, flute
Ann Miklich, violin
Eric Galm, percussion
Wayne Potash, guitar
no award
Will Fickes, piano
Patricia Griffin, schools outreach program
Drew Hubbard, music therapy
Kayo Iwama, piano

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