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December 9, 2020

Give the Gift of Music

When times are the most challenging and the future is uncertain, one must always be able to find one's way to the village of hope. A quote by Lecolion Washington, CMCB Executive Director

Thank you for being part of the Community Music Center of Boston.

This year has been anything but regular. In March, we decided to suspend regular operations at our Community Music School for the health and safety of our community. When our doors closed, we took immediate action steps to move forward:

— We did not furlough any of our employees, including all staff, faculty, teaching artists, and music therapists.
— We made significant improvements to our space including bringing HVAC upgrades to improve our air quality, and wifi upgrades so that our faculty could teach online.
— We are constantly innovating to adapt our programs and events online and are excited about what these adaptations mean for our future. Online lessons are a way to better serve individuals with illnesses, disabilities, or those for whom transportation is a barrier for access. 

Our decision to remain open and adapt to the needs of our community has been a key part of our commitment to providing equitable access to music education and arts experiences.

But we cannot do this without your support. That is why this year, all gifts made by December 31st up to $30,000 will be matched.

Rather than shut down, CMCB vowed to continue programming online even though it meant incurring additional costs. We knew that musical instruction would provide consistency and support to our students when everything was uncertain. By September, we re-opened our physical doors to a limited number of students, while also still offering online programming and events. 

Help us bring hope and joy to our students. Give the gift of music. All gifts made by December 31st up to $30,000 will be matched.

Although we remain physically distant, we still exist within communities. And the strongest communities, like the Community Music Center of Boston, will continue to be there with you. We are a village of hope and we hope that during this season of giving, you will make a gift to CMCB.

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