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December 7, 2020

Announcing New Classes at CMCB

Community Music School Offerings

We are excited to announce that we have new class offerings for this fall and spring. These are group glasses that teach students all about music and composition. The max number of students for each class is 8, so make sure to sign up if you are interested! Spring registration opens December 14, 2020.

Students enrolled in Private Lessons would receive a 20% discount on this class. Financial Aid is available.

All About Music

All About Music is a general music class that allows students the freedom to explore a variety of musical concepts in a structured, supportive environment. The class is part of CMCB’s elementary music curriculum and is designed for any child aged 7-10, musical experience or artistic area of interest notwithstanding. Class activities will include singing simple and fun songs, creative movement, rhythmic games, musical & dramatic expression, listening exercises, an intro to instrumental music, and exploration of non-western and less familiar musical practices. All About Music will teach students the basic skills, knowledge, and understanding involved in music making; encourage them to build social, emotional, and cultural values; and help them develop the confidence needed to pursue their passions and continue to create with honesty and integrity.

ONLINE with Akela Franklin
Wednesdays – 4:00 PM – Starts: Wed, Feb 03
Price: $590 | 16 – 45 min classes | Age 7-10 | Max. number of students: 8

Introduction to Music Production

This class will guide students through the process of creating a song, from writing a simple drum groove to the arrangement and production of a fully fleshed song. No previous knowledge of either composition or music software is required. The class has been designed in a way that a total beginner will be able to complete it but with enough flexibility so also more advanced students can learn at their own pace. The class will have two big projects. The final project is the creation of a fully fleshed song, produced completely by the students.

ONLINE with Manuel García-Baró
Wednesday – 5:30 PM – Starts: Wed, Feb 03 
Price: $590 | 16 – 45 min classes | Age 10+ | Max. number of students: 8

Writing Music 101

This class will introduce students to the most common techniques used by composers over the years as well as providing them with tools to develop their own musical ideas. It will include some basic production concepts but it will go deeper into harmonic and compositional concepts. This is  a class intended for beginners, although a basic notion of music fundamentals is preferred (note reading, rhythmic comprehension, and knowledge of basic chords/harmonies). The final project will be writing a piece for a solo instrument and piano. The music will be recorded by professional musicians and/or the students themselves.

ONLINE with Manuel García-Baró
Wednesday – 6:15 PM – Starts: Wed, Feb 03
Price: $590 | 16 – 45 min classes | Age 12+ | Max. number of students: 8

Early Childhood Classes

Beginning Instruments for ages 4-7

Small group classes focused on music appreciation, fundamentals, preparing students for private instruction and building community through learning to play a musical instrument. Each class is limited to 4-8 students and is designed to train the child’s ear to recognize melodic sounds and rhythm. Students then translate this recognition to their chosen instrument. The students will begin to visually identify notes and play simple melodies.
Beginning Instrument classes are open to beginners with no experience unless otherwise noted. Current offerings: Beginning Piano, Strings, Guitar, Voice, Instrument Exploration, and more. Full class offerings at register.cmcb.org.
Current ECH In-Person Classes:
Beg Piano I – Tuesdays 4:30PM, Saturdays 11:30AM
Beg Piano II – Tuesdays 5:15PM – Must have taken at least 1 semester of Piano I to enroll
Beg Guitar – Saturdays 1:30PM
Instrument Exploration – Thursdays 4:30PM
Current ECH Online Classes:
Beg Strings I – Saturdays 9AM
Beg Piano I – Thursdays 3:45PM & 5:15PM
Instrument Exploration – Wednesdays 5:15PM

Elementary Classes

Continuing Group Classes for ages 7-12

Small group classes for young musicians ages 7-12 who seek to explore new instruments, engage in innovative creative arts classes, and/or continue on from Early Childhood instruction. Ideal for students to take alongside or as a bridge to private instruction. Must be age 7 or older to enroll. Prior experience is not required, but an evaluation may be requested prior to placement.
ELEM In-Person Classes (ages 7-12):
Pop/Rock Guitar Accompaniment – Wednesdays 4:30PM
Pop/Rock Guitar & Accompaniment focuses on rhythm guitar chords to get young musicians playing along quickly. New students are welcome. Class is ideal for continuing students from Beginning Guitar who wish to explore guitar outside of the classical repertoire.
ELEM Online Classes (ages 7-12):
Percussion Fundamentals – Wednesdays 5:15PM
Percussion Fundamentals is ideal for the older beginner or continuing drums student who is interested in pitched percussion instruments (marimba, etc.), intro to snare drum, and all percussion in a middle school band. Ideal as a precursor to private instruction on the full drum set.

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