Are you someone who believes in the power of music education in shaping a whole person and making a better world?

Jim Piatt, Chair of Board Nominating Committee

Community Music Center of Boston is an arts education nonprofit founded in 1910, with a mission to transform lives by providing equitable access to excellent music education and arts experiences. From our Music Therapy work helping reintegrate soldiers home from WWII and the Korean War into civilian life, to our role bringing the arts back into public schools shortly after Boston’s violent school integration crisis in the 1970’s, CMCB’s century-long legacy positions us as an anchor at the intersection of Boston’s arts, culture, and civic life. Thanks to partnerships with public schools, social service agencies, and a variety of community centers, housing developments, and charter schools, CMCB has programs throughout virtually every neighborhood in Boston, in-school, after-school, and in the summer. We are proud to act as the largest external provider of arts education to the Boston Public Schools, supporting rigorous, relevant, and culturally-inclusive musical instruction for one of the most diverse school districts in the nation.

Vision (Updated 2021)

CMCB supports children, young people, and adults to engage in equitable, culturally inclusive, and learner-centered music education programs. These programs are intended to foster the following outcomes for participants and the communities with which we partner:

  • Deepen engagement with music through knowledge, skills, and artistry
  • Increase access to equitable, culturally inclusive, and learner-centered music education
  • Contribute to social-emotional development and social connections
  • Increase wellness and well being
  • Develop skill sets for those learners interested in pursuing performance and non-performance based music careers

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CMCB seeks those who believe in taking a responsible role in shaping a more respectful, inclusive and inter-connected city and world. A qualified person would also wish to attract those who make music or are enthusiastic about the wide world of music and the part it plays in our lives.

Our current members of the Board represent many points of view from their experiences in fields such as philanthropy, volunteerism, healthcare, banking, finance, architecture, the arts, arts administration, design, education and law. While some have connected to CMCB only recently, some have known us for decades.  It is an effective, enthusiastic, and friendly body of citizens.

We are excited about board members who are committed to strengthening relationships with our community-based partners and increasing connections within the communities with which we partner.  

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If you are interested in becoming a part of the CMCB community or expanding your existing connection to it, or learning more about CMCB, please contact Lecolion Washington at to arrange  a conversation.