CMCB Alumni Release Album

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CMCB Alumni Release Debut EP, “Out of Context.”

Known around CMCB simply as “The Carney’s,” Grace & the Carnivore is a sibling band that grew up studying music at CMCB. Their debut EP, Out of Context, was released Nov. 27th, 2013.  Lead vocalist, Grace Carney, offered some insight into the album, their journey and their plans for the future.

Q: Is this your first album? Why did you decide to record it?

Grace: This is our first CD. We teamed up with Green Line Records at the beginning of last year, so I guess you could mark that as the time when we decided to record it, although we’d been thinking about recording for a while. Green Line was sort of the last piece of the puzzle.

Q: Can you describe the CD for us? We love the covers you perform! Any originals?

Grace: The album has five originals…we have sort of a jazzy pop sound, with various other influences.  

Q: How long has Grace and the Carnivore been together, and what are your plans for the future?

Grace: We actually started taking band lessons at the Music Center around eight or nine years ago. In terms of our current band, Grace and the Carnivore, I would say that all began about 3 years ago, when we started playing on the street in Provincetown full time during the summer. We’ve evolved a lot over the years to get to the current incarnation of our family band. In terms of the future, all three of us are in school and apart right now, but we have plans to hopefully spend the summer together doing a lot of performing and promoting Out of Context. In addition, starting to think about a next album, and we’ll hopefully start work on that more full time over the summer. 

CMCB congratulates Grace and the Carnivore on their release! Listen to tracks off their album HERE.

The album can be purchased on Grace and the Carnivore’s band camp page:

Photograph by Bobby Miller copyright 2013

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