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Dan + Claudia Zanes
Sensory-Friendly Performance
Fête de la Musique 2019
June 22
3:00 – 6:00 PM

Sensory-Friendly Statement

This performance is welcome to all individuals. A sensory-friendly performance is a supportive setting for all to experience and enjoy the arts. While accommodations are made to the performance with children and adults with autism spectrum disorder, sensory sensitivities or other disabilities in mind, these performances are inclusive events for all children and families.

This performance is a place for all to sing, dance and respond to the music without restraint or reservation. Dan and Claudia Zanes were chosen to perform due to their ability to “create conditions that are comfortable for audience members with a wide range of needs”.

The Community Music Center of Boston is committed to providing equitable access to performances and programming for individuals with disabilities.

Meet the Artists

Newlyweds Grammy Award winner Dan Zanes and Haitian-American jazz vocalist Claudia Eliaza perform Dan’s greatest hits as well as folk and blues classics. During these highly interactive shows, the audience is invited to dance and sing along in what might be called a casual—and subversively educational—party atmosphere. The music is homespun, joyful, sophisticated, and artful.

For the past two years, Claudia and Dan have been advocating for increased accessibility in performing arts spaces through sensory friendly presentations. Also known as “relaxed” or “come as you are,” these performances create conditions that are comfortable for audience members with a wide range of needs.

Hear the Music

Dan Zanes occupies a unique place in American music – where sea shanties, English Music hall, play party songs, the spirit of early rock-n-roll, soul, North American and West Indian folk music collide. Familiarize yourself with some of the songs that may be performed:

Coney Island Avenue – https://youtu.be/gnXmyyV2mjU

This song is about a very cool street in Brooklyn, N.Y.! When you walk down Coney Island Avenue, you meet people from all around the world. Get your special walk ready for this song!

Red Bird – https://youtu.be/3riqC1gCPzg

This is a good sing along song. We learned this from a recording of the AfricanAmerican folk musician, Lead Belly. He was called “The King of the 12 StringGuitar. “ Your part goes like this, “Soon in the Morning.”

Rock Island Line – https://youtu.be/BT98B69Um64

This is another song made famous by Lead Belly. It’s about a train called “TheRock Island Line.” Some grown-ups might make a tunnel with their arms for everyone to dance through.

Performances often include many of the following songs: So Glad I’m Here, Wonder Wheel, Jump Up, Going Up!, Sail Away Ladies, Jaw Harp/Old Joe Clark, La Siren, Night Train 57, Smile Smile Smile, Catch That Train, All Around the Kitchen, While the Music is Playing

Accommodations List

Sound – The sound for this event will be at a reduced volume from other outdoor concerts. A limited number of noise-reducing headphones will be available for individuals to use. Families who have their own headphones are encouraged to bring them.

Open seating – Ringgold Park provides a variety of options for families to stand or sit and enjoy the music. If you require special seating accommodations, please contact Chris Perry at


Cool Down tent – On site at Ringgold Park will be a tent for individuals who need to take a break from the sensory stimulationof a concert. The tent will include seating, noise-reducing headphones and fidget toys.

Accessible space – Ringgold Park has multiple entrances that are accessible via wheelchair or mobility device.

If you have additional accommodation needs, please contact Chris Perry at cperry@cmcb.org.

A map showing accessible parking spots

Getting to the Event

Via public transportation: The closest MBTA station is Back Bay Station.

Via car: Ringgold Park does not have a parking lot. Street parking is available on surrounding streets including Tremont Street and Shawmut Avenue.

Accessible Parking Map

Accessible street parking is available in the following locations:

537 Tremont Street (2 spots)

565 Tremont Street (1 spot)

272 Shawmut Avenue (1 spot)

327 Shawmut Avenue (1 spot)

Accessible Restrooms

Map to Restroom

Ringgold Park does not have restrooms. The closest City of Boston public restroom is a 7 – 8 minute walk away from the park. They are located at Boston Police Department District D-4 building located at 650 Harrison Avenue. The BPD building has a wheelchair-accessible stall in each of their gender specific bathrooms. There is not a family restroom or a unisex restroom. There are no stairs to enter the building or bathroom.