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Five CMCB String Students Return From Camp Point CounterPoint

String Students Return from Camp Point CounterPoint

Five of CMCB’s string students were selected by audition to join Camp Point CounterPoint in Leicester, Vermont this summer. This three-week overnight camp, located on Lake Dunmore, focused on teaching important musical and life lessons through chamber music.  Chamber music emphasizes teamwork in a small group setting, focuses on the equality of individuals and their roles in the success or outcome of the piece, fosters independent problem solving among the ensemble members and exposes the students to a wide variety of music by great composers. The students had the opportunity to experience the joy of chamber music and form lasting friendships with other young people who love music-making.  The students, who were not allowed to use cell phones or computers, also had a chance to be in the great Vermont outdoor world; to swim and hike and be immersed in their surroundings, both for music and nature.

The CMCB students who participated in the program were (pictured from top left to right):

Michael Lopez, violin (South Boston)

Tal Rimoni, violin/viola (Roslindale)

Amiel Marc, violin (Milton)

Nethania Marc, viola (Milton)

Honney Thomas, viola (Hyde Park)

The students followed a rigorous schedule, beginning with a 7:30AM wake-up call.  The day consisted of private lessons, music history and music theory classes, electives and participation in a quartet.  The repertoire they studied and performed was extremely demanding which allowed for tremendous growth within the young musicians.  The students commented on what a wonderful experience the Camp was and how they hope to go back. They have kept in contact with friends they made at the Camp since returning to Boston.

Since returning from the Camp, CMCB String Department Chair, Ann Miklich received notes from each of the student’s teachers.  Comments received included:

“…she brought such enthusiasm to her chamber groups and to the camp as a whole…”

“…he has a great spirit and is a natural leader…”

“…he truly soared on these pieces as 1st violin.  It was truly a pleasure to teach and coach him…”

Congratulations to all five musicians!

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  1. August 05, 2014 at 4:49 am, vickie madway said:

    A great concept for a camp! And it worked!


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