BeatShop Boston

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BeatShop Boston! Electronic composition and production classes at the Music Center!

BeatShop Boston

Electronic Composition and Production

  • Produce cutting edge electronic music
  • Develop DJing skills
  • Learn music theory concepts

Classes available for youth and adults

Financial Aid available!




From the club to the concert hall, Danny “Satori” Kutty (M. M., Piano Performance) is no stranger to the pursuit of artistic expression. His love for sculpting sound as a pianist & DJ started at an early age with extensive musical training, which inevitably brought him to the present serenity of his own resonance.  By “bringing the marble back to life,” he now maintains a performance standard on the piano of concert repertoire & improvisation inspired by the ever-changing universe.  As a DJ, his unique blends of exotic & hypnotic dance music have led him to be an emerging performance artist in the club community.  His most recent synergies include pianist for toUch Performance Art (Boston, MA), piano instructor at Community Music Center of Boston, and resident DJ for White Label DJs. Upon active reflection, he is most truly honored to be a “collaborateur” for these respected affiliations.


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