Community Music Center of Boston is far more than a music school. It is a creative hub where people of all ages and abilities share music as common ground, and where diversity, expression and self-transformation are the very air we breathe.

From two settlement schools that provided music instruction to immigrant youth over 100 years ago, we have grown from being a cherished “hidden gem” to emerge as an essential educational and cultural institution serving more than 5,000 individuals each week, studying music ranging from classical to jazz, pop, folk, world and rock.

Welcome to Community Music Center of Boston.


Mission Statement

To transform lives throughout Greater Boston by providing equitable access to excellent music education and arts experiences.

Vision Statement

To build a civic culture that values lifelong involvement in the arts, where all can participate actively in music making and arts experiences.  We also want every youngster in Boston to have access to music instruction both during the day and after school.